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    Huashang Hotel Management College

     華商酒店管理學院是廣州華商職業學院下屬二級學院,堅持走校企融合道路,與集團內四星級酒店---太陽城大酒店深度合    作,是培養酒店專業管理人才的堅實基礎和搖籃。

        Huashang Hotel Management College, a secondary college subordinating to Guangzhou Huashang Vocational College, sticks to the path of school and enterprises integration, sets up deep cooperation with the four star hotel inside the Group—Sun City Hotel and has become a solid foundation and cradle for training hotel professional management talents.


        Occupying a space of 8000 square meters, the College is divided into teaching area, displaying area, practical training area, which includes practical training center for chinese and western food, banquet, tea art, bartending, room service and so on. Courses of the College cover all hotel-related fields. Tourism/hotel management major is a key construction specialty in Guangdong Province and adopts the teaching pattern of coordinating theories and practices. Theory courses include basic quality course, major basic course, major development course and all of the courses form a structure of deepening step by step; practice courses range from first line position internship, junior management position internship to top-level position internship. What’s more, the College has established cooperation with many five star hotels in Guangzhou, Zhuhai, Shenzhen and other cities, with the aim to train tourism hotel management professionals with solid professional theories, excellent operating skills and rich experiences of interpersonal communication, thus supports the achievement of high quality employment of the graduates.




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