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    Global Business College of Australia,簡稱:GBCA 


        Huashang Education Group is the first to start overseas private education, and invested and founded GBCA in Australia, which was registered by Australian Skills and Quality Administration and recruiting overseas students of Australian Government, and was approved of providing courses with international recognition, receiving and teaching students in Australia. GBCA is the first international education institution of innovation approved by Australian Government.


        GBCA was located in the downtown of Melbourne, adjacent to world famous University of Melbourne, RMIT University and famous State Library of Victoria.


        GBCA focuses on business, entrepreneurship, financial service and IT, customized training programs according to students’ demands, so as to provide a multicultural platform for students from home and abroad to explore cross culture communication and cooperation, and fully improve their practical application capacity and employment competitiveness.


        Overseas education of Huashang Education Group is a key step for Huashang Education to implement the grand strategy of “basing on Guangdong while facing the whole country and marching to the world”, and a crucial sign of the revolutionary development of China’s private education.





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