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    Huashang College Guangdong University of Finance & Economics


        Huashang College Guangdong University of Finance & Economics is a full-time provincial regular college, firstly recruited national task students of higher education in 2006, and was approved of bachelor’s degree granting units by the Academic Degree Committee of Guangdong Province. There are 25 undergraduate majors with more than 22,400 students in campus. Featured with Economics and Management, Huashang College gradually establishes the subjective system in which coordinated development exists among Economics, Management, Arts, Engineering and other disciplines.


        Huashang College is located in beautiful Zengcheng District, Guangzhou, and is equipped with comprehensive and complete teaching and living facilities. In recent years, Huashang College has invested millions to establish platforms such as major-crossing comprehensive stimulation training, cloud calculating and cloud desktop, and paid attention on digitalized and informationized management learning environment.


        Huashang College sticks to the education concepts of educating according to laws and regulations, focusing on quality and providing social service, with market demands being orientation, talents training being the center and reform and opening up being the impetus, actively explores applied talents training pattern and development path for undergraduate private independent college.


        The admission line and registration rate of Huashang College set new high in each year, both above 95%, and important indexes such as employment rate for graduates rank top in Guangdong Province for continuous several years. Huashang College was awarded with “top ten independent colleges in Guangdong Province”, “outstanding contribution award of private education in Guangdong”, “the most competitive independent school in Guangdong” and “China excellent schools of private higher education” and so on.





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